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The Pi1

Log Cutting Optimizer

It is a sawmill calculator that gives you estimates of log output. What is in it for you: maximum value from each cubic foot/meter of wood and fewer costs.
Quite often sawmills strongly depend on employees who have to decide within seconds where to set the next cut. Instead, we offer an algorithm, which generates a maximum log yield through optimising the sawing pattern. Solutions are calculated individually for each log.

The Pi1 calculations are performed in two stages.

Stage 1 Cutting logs to given different thickness boards. Data entry rule: put the board of maximum thickness from the list in the center of a log. Next - put a thinner board to the left of a logging center, next thinner board - to the right of the center and so on. You can place any number of boards of the required thickness. The only limit is a log diameter. Recommendation: symmetric planning will be the optimal one.
Stage 2 Getting final timber sizes from ones pre-calculated in Stage 1.