Log to Timber cutting optimization. Cutting list timber yield calculator. 

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Normally sawing is optimized online after log laser scanning. However often you need to check your ideas at the office before/without affecting the production.
Pitago is a timber cutting simulator enabling you to see what you get at the end of sawing operation.
Log to timber cutting optimizer, the Pi2, finds the best solution when cutting logs of wood and makes waste as small as possible. It models the breakdown of logs in any sawmill.
The Pi2 provides you with timber cutting patterns/cutlist together with timber volume, timber yield, wood waste volume, and estimated price.
Calculations can be performed in both the metric and imperial unit systems.
Calculation report in Excel enables simple real data import. With the Pitago Pi2 you can significantly increase the yield of your sawmill.
Pitago allows you make a business offer, price evaluation or a production plan in a very short time in the place where you are. Perfect for portable sawmill owners. Pitago is a web application.