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Pi2 Program do optymalizacji rozkroju

Timber output calculator Pi2

Log to timber cutting optimization program for sawmills, Pi2, finds the best solution when cutting logs of wood and makes waste as small as possible. It models the breakdown of logs in any sawmill.
The program provides you with timber cutting patterns together with timber volume, quantitative yield, wood waste volume, and estimated price calculation.
Calculations can be performed in both the metric and imperial unit systems. All given sizes are converted to wood sizes in mm.
Calculation report in Excel allows simple data import into your accounting system. With Pitago Pi2 you can significantly increase the yield of your sawmill.
Waney edge point* is a distance from a log bottom end where the waney edged timber appears due to logging taper and goes on towards the log small end.
Pitago allows you make a business offer, timber unit conversion, price evaluation or a production plan in a very short time. Pitago cut optimisers, Pi1 and Pi2, are a completely online solution.

Pitago is a smart tool for both your salesman and production staff. Here you get sawing patterns based on customer demands, i.e., dimensions required by the market